Our CSR commitments

Since the takeover of the hotel in August 2022, the new owners have been part of a CSR (corporate social responsibility) approach.

Saving energy and water:

- Installation of a solar-powered hot water production system.

- Installation of LED bulbs and motion sensors and a solar exterior lighting system.

- Installation of water savers on shower heads.

- Current project 2024, purchase of a dryer with heat pump and a latest generation washing machine.

Reduction of waste and respect for the environment:

- Provision of a still and sparkling water fountain (Purezza) using running water.

- Internalization of laundry washing.

- Replacement of individual welcome products with dispensers.

- Use of Eco Labels cleaning and washing products.

- For breakfast, local, organic and large-capacity products are preferred.

- Sorting and recycling of waste.

You too can help us in this process, by turning off the reversible air conditioning and the lights when you leave your room and only requesting a change of bathroom linen if necessary.